Why Video Should be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Why Video Should be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

The days of being able to have a decent looking website, with a couple of targeted keywords on your main pages are not the only things you need now to be seen by customers or to rank you high in the search engines. Day in and day out marketing professionals need to come up with novel ways to grab customers, prospects and donors’ attention.

When infographics were all the craze on the internet, people’s minds were blown as if this was the best marketing invention ever to have happened. Soon enough, due to oversaturation of infographics, people no longer cared, and infographics were regulated to the has been shelf. What is the thing you can do currently to get your marketing up to speed? In a post on HubSpot’s blog they write how “today, one of the up-and-coming marketing tactics is video — both of the pre-recorded and live variety, [and] according to Cisco, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017.” Also interesting is that “according to Smart Insights, simply stating that the piece of content is a video appears to increase engagement across all channels.”

Video in Drip Campaigns

Struggling on what to come up with for your next drip campaign? Then consider leveraging video to help convert customers, because this can be a great way to increase conversion. Yousaf Sekander, Director of Rocketmill recommends that “your drip-fed videos should aim to be 30-90 seconds for top of funnel campaigns and 1-10 minutes for audiences further down the funnel.”

Video for Customer Stories

Written case studies and testimonials are still excellent to do, Sekander explains that he has “found that the best format to share customer testimonials or case studies is through video. Featuring real-life customers in these videos evokes positive emotion in your prospects mind and instills a sense of trust.” These customer videos are also great to put on your website, social media, email marketing, etc.

Use Your Videos for Offline Marketing

Do you have a heavily trafficked area at your business such as the lobby or waiting room? This is the perfect opportunity to reuse some of the videos you’ve created for your marketing campaigns to entertain visitors while also showing off your business, promotion, fundraiser, event, etc. 

Ready to Incorporate Video?

Most marketing professionals know that they need to start incorporating video into the strategy for their company. What are your thoughts on incorporating video into your marketing strategy and budget?